How Does SAS Work?

SAS customizes its approach to help leaders assess the best next steps for their organizations/institutions and their own careers. SAS offers an efficient and effective way to focus on problems and solutions.

SAS zeroes in on problems and, collaboratively, constructs solutions after analyzing information garnered from:

  • Incisive interviews
  • Targeted surveys and/or assessments
  • Focus groups
  • Review of mission and goals
  • Trend data/360 evaluation

SAS is respectful, inclusive, focused, and ever mindful of agreed upon goals and deadlines. SAS also recognizes that comprehensive assessments must be translated into effective plans, and build on an understanding of an individual’s or organization’s:

  • History
  • Leadership
  • Weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, threats, and resources
  • Culture and environment
  • Goals, needs, and interests

To enhance success, SAS focuses on understanding the problem or aspirations, such as clear communication, conflict resolution, prioritization, achieving consensus, team-building, reducing stress or achieving balance.  Then SAS helps client to develop new understandings or perspectives, as well as approaches, behavior or habits for greater effectiveness.